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Posted on: February 7, 2012

So I need to get posting more often (apologies).

So another website I like is SoGayBoy.com however it has a major downside :-( You can only see 5 videos per 24 hours without signing up or paying :-(

However it’s got some absolutely stunning content including a guy on webcam that decides to be a bit kinky at the start (I’ll leave it up to your imagination until you see because I know you’re all budding for the link :)


Absolutely stunning.

Another one if you want to see a couple of guys going hard at it (bareback style) is http://www.sogayboy.com/videos/nice-twinks-11783.html

You really have to check out this website it’s absolutely filled to the brim with good content.

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  • JT: he never really intended on going into porn as far as I'm aware, seems an ex convinced him and he's happily out of it and in a strong relationship now
  • JT: nope, not giving out any details
  • chani woodard: Is there any way you can tell me who he really is because he is the only person I ever watch and would love to talk to him
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