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James Radford

Posted on: July 21, 2011

James Radford

Another new hottie has come onto the market and he goes by the name of James Radford and, well the easiest way of explaining my obsession with him is just showing you a picture of how fit he is :)

I think the best way of summing him up is a very fit slightly scene twink with a Justin Bieber style hair (but he pulls it off a lot better than Justin Bieber does :)

James Radford

I really look forward to seeing more of him and if anyone knows of any locations to find good videos of him then please comment and let me know!!!

You definatly wouldn’t kick him out of bed :)

James Radford boxers

James Radford toplessJames Radford erotic styleJames Radford naked posing

Om nom nom :-D

James Radford cum

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  • JT: he never really intended on going into porn as far as I'm aware, seems an ex convinced him and he's happily out of it and in a strong relationship now
  • JT: nope, not giving out any details
  • chani woodard: Is there any way you can tell me who he really is because he is the only person I ever watch and would love to talk to him
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