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So whilst this photo is lush ! (I kind of want to see the other photo) what do people think about the idea of people taking photos of their ‘never regions’ ?

So how often have you found that porn is mis-labelled?


Heck look at this one http://101boyvideos.com/2013/04/02/college-bf-sex/


“college bf sex” ……. how can you deduce it’s ‘college’ ?

So take this picture for example….

How do people know whether the ‘subject’ is over 18 or not ? Especially from this sort of angle where you can ‘make out’ parts of the body ? risky grounds when posting pictures like this ?

I have posted this picture as it’s openly on a few blogs and I’m presuming they’re over 18, if anyone comes up with a reason they’re not 18 then i’ll remove the picture.

This guy [topping] is such a cutie, who wouldn’t want to be there right now ?


What do people think about bare backing though ? A bit risky surely?


Although most porn agencies are very careful, surely if someone did catch something then it’d surely ruin the reputation of the company?


Would you talk about your sexual past on a porn website ? I know it’s a porn website so they may already know some of your past but would you spill your sexual past as much as this guy ?

Sounds fun though !!


I’m not quite sure if this is a good thing, a little quick to go I think ?


Well are you ? Well get a dick there :)


  • JT: he never really intended on going into porn as far as I'm aware, seems an ex convinced him and he's happily out of it and in a strong relationship now
  • JT: nope, not giving out any details
  • chani woodard: Is there any way you can tell me who he really is because he is the only person I ever watch and would love to talk to him
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